Here you can directly contract my services

1. Tax declarations:

You can let me take care of the whole process of preparing, submitting and paying your tax returns on your behalf.

If you prefer to prepare and submit your tax declarations on your own, but have some questions, please feel free to book a consultation with me!

2. Registrations/ Administrative matters:

Application of NIE number (I act as your representative): 497 EUR (VAT included).
Registration for the special income tax rules for Expats (Beckham Law): 397 EUR (VAT included).
Application of digital signature (I act as your representative): 347 EUR (VAT included).

** Important: Please indicate in your e-mail what registration/application you would like to contract (NIE/ Beckham Law/ electronic signature), so that I can send you a list with the information I need.

The order only becomes effective once I accept it in written form.

3. Tax advice - Consultations:

Let´s discuss your personal situation!

Brief consultation

- for relatively simple cases* - 

197 €
including 21% VAT

Your situation is not too complicated, and you have some rather general questions?


I´m happy to answer your doubts during a brief consultation of 20-30 min, where I offer an orientation of what you should consider or do in your specific situation.

Detailed consultation

- for more complex cases* - 


397 €
including 21% VAT

Your sitation is rather complicated and you have some quite specific questions?


I´m happy to answer your doubts during a detailed consultation of 45-60 min, where we analyze your specific situation and discuss which possibilities you have and which solution is the best for you.

* Please note that I know the rules that apply in Spain. I cannot give any advice regarding your fiscal situation with repect to other countries.