About me

My vision is that my clients appreciate me because they are satisfied with my work. That they know that they can trust me, that I keep my promises. That I am available to answer their questions and that I do not leave them alone.

My values are reliability, commitment, knowledge and order.

I have to admit that when I first came to Madrid almost 10 years ago, many things seemed quite strage to me. Where should I register? What is a NIE? How do I get a social security number? Is all that really so complicated? And, especially, why does nobody here speak English?


At that time, I would have liked to know someone to take charge of my problems and solve them for me. Someone who knows where to go and what to present to achieve what is intended.


Since then, Spain has changed a lot, and so have I: the language is no longer a problem and over time I have not only got to know the peculiarities of the Spaniards, but also have grown fond of some of them.


Although there exist clear rules here, these are not as irrevocable as for example in Germany. It can be exhausting sometimes, but behaving with a little delicacy it is often possible to turn around an issue that already seemed to have no solution.


Anyway, although I'm already used to how to solve things here, I still think it´s a good idea not to have to take care of everything.


Everyone is a specialist in a different field. Why not use this unique knowledge? In this way, each one could, in a certain way, do what he or she knows best and at the same time help somebody else. Thus, everyone would gain time and could dedicate it to do the things they consider really important.

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