How do I work?

Do you want clarity and structure, an organized and predictable process and be sure that the execution of your project is progressing at the desired pace?


Do you want to abide by the rules, but not be involved in every administrative detail to comply with?

Due to my several years of experience with the Spanish public administrations, especially with the Tax Agency, I can offer you a structured summary of the necessary documents to present and a realistic planning regarding the period necessary for the completion of your matter.


I will give you step-by-step instructions on what to do in which way and at what time, and throughout the whole process I will periodically inform you  about the status of your case.


Through the established work calendar, you can check at all times at what stage your project is and how it is progressing. The next steps are always completely predictable.


Thanks to my specific linguistic knowledge and my presence in Madrid, I can quickly dispel doubts and go personally to every necessary administration to achieve your objective.